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  • Jarrod Overson

    Jarrod Overson

    I write about JavaScript, Reverse Engineering, Security, and Credential Stuffing. Also a speaker, O'Reilly Author, creator of Plato, Director at Shape Security.

  • Bassam Chaptini

    Bassam Chaptini

    Bassam Chaptini is Unqork’s Chief Technology Officer. He holds a Ph.D. from MIT and was previously a Partner at McKinsey & Company.

  • Cedric Owens

    Cedric Owens

    Red teamer with blue team roots🤓👨🏽‍💻 Twitter: @cedowens

  • Rocky DeStefano

    Rocky DeStefano

    20+ years of cybersecurity leadership across SIEM, SOC, Cyber Defense, Incident Response, Product and more. @rockyd

  • Thexssrat


    No b*llshit Hacking tutorials with extreme value in short bursts

  • Riyaz Walikar

    Riyaz Walikar

    Co-Founder, @kloudleinc

  • Jeroen Niesen

    Jeroen Niesen

  • Avinash Jain (@logicbomb)

    Avinash Jain (@logicbomb)

    Security Engineer @Microsoft | DevSecOps | Speaker | Breaking stuff to learn | Featured in Forbes, BBC| Acknowledged by Google, NASA, Yahoo, UN etc

  • Ahmad Halabi

    Ahmad Halabi

    Cyber Security Specialist | Hacker | Founder at Cybit Sec | Managing Director at Resecurity®.

  • Cristian Cornea

    Cristian Cornea

    🇷🇴 Cyber Security Enthusiast, Freelancer, Researcher, Bug Bounty Hunter and InfoSec Writer | OSEP | OSWE | OSCP | CEH | CPTC | PenTest+ | eWPT | ECIH

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